The Threat

There are many reasons why you as a gun owner should seriously consider  investing in a gun safe. The first is to prevent children who are too  young to understand gun safety from gaining access to your  firearms...and even if your children are well-educated and responsible,  consider that their friends may not be. Furthermore, it's important to  protect your valuable guns from fire damage.   

Floor Attachment

If you hauled it in, a thief can haul it out. Don't allow a thief to  roll your safe out the door with a simple hand truck. Plan to bolt it to  the floor using a safe designed with this feature in mind. And, once  again, this tactic assumes the thief knows about your safe to begin  with. Be creative. 

Which Lock?


Pros: Low maintenance; no batteries; more difficult to observe combination sequence.
Cons:  Slow to operate; can be temperamental; unless a reputable brand is  used, the combination may be easier to defeat; must have locksmith  change combination for you.


Pros: Similar to electronic locks-speed, ease and flexibility; most allow for the storage of several fingerprints.
Cons:  Not 100 percent reliable (if your finger is dirty, the lock may not  work); expensive; still a developing technology. Should be much better  in a few years. 


Pros: Easy to use; cost effective; flexible (high-end  models can integrate with home security/surveillance systems); more  features (multiple user combinations and penalty lockouts); does not  require a locksmith to change the combination. Ask the salesman which  lock they selected for their personal safe. Several we spoke with use an  electronic lock.
Cons: Require battery changes. If  you frequently change and, as a result, forget the combination, a locksmith will have a hard time opening it.